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It is with a saddened heart that we report that we will be closing the Good Old Days in a couple months. We have made many friends and relationships with all of our customers and we are so glad we had the opportunity to serve our community in this way for the past 16 years.
We have been thinking of retiring for a while now but this last winter made us realize how much we really want to retire and move on with the next phase of our lives. We are certainly going to miss you, our devoted and steadfast customers who have supported us all these years. You have made the Good Old Days what it is today. Many of you have told us and have written in our comments book that this shop is unlike any other in the Country, and that it is your favorite shop to come to. It is comments like this that have kept us going all these years. It has truly been a great journey. We both learned so much, not only about the trade and business, but also about people. read more

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September Workshops Planned

Our first few workshops have been a huge success. Several of our customers have learned the distressed painting techniques and have taken this knowledge home and went straight to work on many projects. We will be showing you photos of our customer’s work on our new page soon which will be called “Showoff Corner”. So if you have used our paints in your home, please send us your photos to add to our  new gallery. read more

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Introducing Caromal Colours



We are now carrying the complete line of Caromal Colours Decorative Finishes which includes Textured Basecoats,  RECLAIM Beyond Paint, The Botanicles, and the various tools and accessories. There is a huge BUZZ about this in our community so we want to explain a bit about what we are offering and inform you about this great new product that you can use to transform your home. read more

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Make Your Own Curtains

Tobacco Cloth Panel

Make your own Curtains

We have made our own Curtains both in the shop and at home with much success. Although this concept may be obvious to the experienced DIY’er, many of you may gain some insights on how to make your windows look better with this inexpensive treatment. You can use these type of napkins that we currently have in the shop, as well as towels, throws, or anything that fits your window dimensions. read more

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Options for a Holiday Centerpiece

As the time draws near to the Holiday season, your mind naturally turns to decorating your home. Much of our attention often falls on the dining room table, as this is where we are drawn to when guests come over. So it only makes sense to try to make your table as appealing as possible. One way of achieving this is with centerpieces. You can purchase centerpieces already made up or you can attempt to make one yourself. At the Good Old Days, you have many options for a Holiday centerpiece. We have many types of containers to start with including wooden bowls, pewter trays, wooden trays, baskets, etc… Plus, we carry an assortment of various decorative wreaths, picks, etc.. to start as a base. Then to build on that, you might consider one of our Luminary candles as the center of attention or perhaps some battery operated lights. There are so many options you have when you shop the store and look around for these items. I urge you to take our virtual tour either by looking at the photos or by looking at our videos. This will give you inspiration as well options for a Holiday centerpiece.
If you decide to build one yourself, there are a multitude of decorative items you can add to it from fresh cuttings of the trees and bushes in your yard to fresh flowers to artificial items. read more

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Farm Table – Every Country Home Needs One

How many times have you flipped through the pages of your favorite Country magazine and have stopped to gaze at the beautiful farm table shown on that page. The iconic farm table our Grandparents grew up with is now one of the most popular pieces of furniture in any Country, Early American, or Colonial themed home. I even have built some for modern homes in New York City. read more

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An Epoxy Repair to Furniture – Anybody can do this

Epoxy Repair

I have made hundreds of this epoxy repair to all types of furniture. I would like to share this technique with you so that you too can repair damage to your own furniture.

Shown here is some damage to a piece of furniture. What I have done is to insert a few wood screws. This is to provide something for the epoxy to bite onto and hold. It is always a good idea to insert metal into the repair somehow for strength and to provide a foothold for the epoxy. read more