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4/23/18 – We finally SOLD the building and no longer own the property!
5/31/17 – We have closed the shop. Everything is SOLD. We now just sell off our website. Thank-you for all your support over the past 16 years!
4/2/17 – We still have about half of our inventory left to sell. It may look like a lot is gone, but that is because you are used to seeing a HUGE shop. We are now just a LARGE shop with about 3000 sq ft of space filled with Home Decor and Antiques for sale. There are a lot of incentives for you to keep coming back and making more purchases. We appreciate all you are doing for us. This business is our future retirement, so we need to sell it all, including the building. See you soon!
3/20/17 – We are announcing our plans to RETIRE. To make that happen, we are having a RETIREMENT SALE starting Thursday, March 23rd and running until everything is gone. There is huge markdowns as well as prizes. We hope that you can support us in this final sale at the Good Old Days. See below…
2/6/17 – We will be re-opening on Thursday, March 23rd, with a BRAND NEW BIG EVENT! Stay Tuned!
1/15/17 – Cant believe another year has come and gone. We are now CLOSED again for the season and will REOPEN again in the Spring. If you are on
our mailing list, you will be notified of our reopening date. To get on our email list. just enter your email in the box on the right hand side of our Main page. We hope you have a Happy New Year!
12/18/16 – We no longer carry Prints on our website. We still have some prints in the shop. We are currently looking for a new supplier.
12/15 – We are having technical with the website in that it is NOT displaying all the products that are suppose to be shown. We will report when it is
9-4-16 –  Don’t forget, tomorrow we will be closed in honor of Labor Day. Today we marked down 2 dozen items to cost or close to it. L:ook for the PINK signs that say “New Price”.
8/20/16 – Our Trial of the Loyalty program has ended and we decided NOT to move forward with it.
8/3/16 –  We are currently using a new Loyalty program where you earn points towards rewards for every dollar you spend. It is so easy to join, All you have to do is to enter your cell phone number on the tablet at checkout. Shortly, you will receive a text asking you to opt-in as well as some legal verbiage about charges may apply which only means that if you do not have a texting plan, you may be charged. So don’t worry about that legal jargon and just opt-in. You will then receive notices about our promotions from time to time as well as be notified about certain rewards you are eligible for. You can also use the website or download the app to your phone, where you can see other places that are using this loyalty program. Please go to this link and sign up Today to start receiving points just by signing up.
Weekend of the 13th/14th is the Summer Doldrums days where we have specials running to get you to feel better about the Summer Heat. Check out our deals at the bottom of this page!

7/15/16 –  We received a huge shipment of inventory. That plus our recent wholesale show we attended has the shop filled with new inventory. We always have something new coming into the shop. This weekend is our annual Homecoming event here in town. Come join us for all the activities.
6/20/16 – Thank-you to everyone that came out for our Customer Appreciation Day. This year we did NOT send out post cards to announce this event. If you were waiting for one and missed our event, I apologize. We are trying to cut costs and reducing mailings is one way to do this. We make use of social media, email lists, and our website to make our customers aware of all our events and current status. Please make sure you check any of these media to see what is happening at the Good Old Days. In addition, at the Customer Appreciation Day, John gave several demonstrations on decorative painting techniques using our new caromal colours products. We are now offering workshops on how to use these products. This will give you a running start so you will be able to create all sorts of great cool items using this paint. For more info on our workshops offered, click here.
6/13/16 – We will be having our annual Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday June 18th. See the EVENTS at the bottom of this page.
5/7/16 – Our Caromal Colours paints and supplies are now stocked and for sale. Workshops are a couple weeks away yet. Go here for more info:
4/7/16 – We want to let you all know that we will be carrying a great line of DIY paint products from Caramal Colours. This is a SUPER product and you would be amazed at what you can do with it. John took a 2 day workshop to be certified in these products and to learn all there is to know about how to apply the various products. In addition, we are now certified to have workshops to teach all of you various techniques such as distressing, wall glazing, plastering, guilding, and so much more. We are going to have a blast with these workshops. To sign up for these workshops, just click HERE and you will learn more about this new addition to our shop and can sign up to be notified when we have the various workshops scheduled.
4/6/16 – Thank-you all for a very successful Open House. It is great to be open again. It wasn’t the best weekend to open because of Easter falling on that Sunday, but we didn’t have much of a choice. If you couldn’t make the Open House, we apologize and hope to see you very soon.
3/24/16 – Today is the first day of our Spring Open House. We have spent so much time getting this ready over the Winter. Lots of new changes. The roads are clear and it is warming up. This Open House starts on Thursday and runs thru Saturday. We are closed for Easter, then re-open with regular hours.
1/21/16 – I am getting Facebook posts from people having trouble finding things on the web. My guess is that this is coming from Phone users. So I have modified the menu structure. The product categories are now along the top where the various pages of the website used to be. I basically swapped the menu with the product category. What this did for the handheld devices (phones) was to put the product categories inside the MENU right at the top of the screen. Hopefully this makes it easier to navigate. I would like to know of any difficulties navigating around the site. Please email me and tell me. I want this site to be easy to use. Thank-you.
1/18/16 – We put up a new category of products today, textiles. To start, this is comprised of Family Heirloom Weavers products that we have in the shop. If these are purchased online, they can be immediately shipped out. Much more to put up in this category.
11/22/15 – Black Friday coming up. Please see our sale we are having that day as well as the next BELOW…
11/6/15 – Christmas Open House today and next 2 days. Folkart selling fast. Will try to keep website updated with current inventory levels so please bear with us as try to coordinate this. Thank-you!
10-22-15 – We opened up the Christmas category on the products category menu. So you can now view and sort all of our Christmas products available on the website. As of this point, we have the Arnett’s folk art listed. As the other artists ship our orders, we will post more. So keep coming back to our STORE page and click on the Christmas category to view the folkart for the Christmas season.

Dates we will be Closed: