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Make Your Own Curtains

Tobacco Cloth Panel

Make your own Curtains

We have┬ámade our own Curtains┬áboth in the shop and at home with much success. Although this concept may be obvious to the experienced DIY’er, many of you may gain some insights on how to make your windows look better with this inexpensive treatment. You can use these type of napkins that we currently have in the shop, as well as towels, throws, or anything that fits your window dimensions.

Napkin Grain Sack II in Black

You may also simply order some curtains that are already made up that will look great on your windows. Check out these great curtain styles:

Valence Tobacco Cloth Pinup Curtain
Valence Tobacco Cloth Pinup

Either of these two window treatments are currently available in the shop!

Cloister Netting Curtain Hemp
Cloister Netting Curtain Hemp


However, if you are interested in something just a little bit different that you can make yourself with very little money, take a look at this article we have found for you HERE.

However you decide to go, whether you buy something pre-made or whether you make your own, know that you will always find solutions to your home decor needs here at the Good Old Days Country Shop