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Introducing Caromal Colours



We are now carrying the complete line of Caromal Colours Decorative Finishes which includes Textured Basecoats,  RECLAIM Beyond Paint, The Botanicles, and the various tools and accessories. There is a huge BUZZ about this in our community so we want to explain a bit about what we are offering and inform you about this great new product that you can use to transform your home.

How it All Started

No introduction is complete without a bit of history about how this program got started. 25 years ago Carol Kemery was cutting her teeth in the the Professional Finishing Industry by studying under the best instructors and building her skills and techniques at the same time. She soon started working on her own applying finishes to products and homes around the country, which developed into giving workshops to homeowners so they could do it themselves. Shortly thereafter, Carol and her husband Al found out that there were not any products on the market for the DIYer and found a niche in the marketplace. So they went to work in R&D to develop the products that anybody can use without any past knowledge or experience with painting. In their R&D, their aims were to develop a product that would stick to basically anything without having to prime, sand, or strip. Their goal was to develop a product that could easily resemble the painted finish of an antique 150 years old. The result is the Textured Basecoat collection.

Caromal Colours

But the research and development did not stop there. They went on the develop more products to use not only for DISTRESSING, but also for WALL GLAZING, PLASTERING, STENCILING, and GILDING. All of these products are included in the Country Living Artisans Collection.
Their goal has always been to show homeowners how to reform their home themselves so they developed workshops to show homeowners how to use these products. This developed into certification workshops which teach others all the details of these wonderful products and how to perform the workshops themselves.
Partnering, further R&D, and the will to constantly improve their product line has led to the introduction of the RECLAIM Beyond Paint product line and the Botanicles product line.

RECLAIM Beyond Paint



We have seen this product at the wholesale shows we attend for a couple years but have not given it much though at the time. After all, John had been creating similar finishes on furniture for years. At the last show, John sat in on an hour long workshop and interacted with the product and instructors. He then realized that we could give our customers all these great products as well to teach them all the various techniques on how to use them. After all, the products that John uses are oil based, smelly, and difficult to apply. So it makes a lot of sense to switch to something more user friendly and easy to teach. John took the certification workshop in February and we both jumped in head over heels. Since then, we have been busy working with the various products creating projects. Here are a few before and after photos of some of our work:

Sofa Table from a garage sale
Sofa Table from a garage sale
Sofa table after applying Perfect Plaster
Sofa table after applying Perfect Plaster

In this project, I purchased this sofa table thinking it would look great with the Perfect Plaster technique as it would give it the classic French Cottage look. I thought it came out GREAT!

Caromal Colours

This Lane Coffee Table was perfect to show many different decorative finishes. The base is coated with the RECLAIM Linen paint. The top outside edges are done with a couple of the Textured Basecoats (TBC) paints to give the look of a counter-top. The middle tiles are painted over with another color and flecked. Pretty awesome transformation.


Round Stand Before-After

This was another garage sale find. I thought it would be a good example of a decoupage collage as well as show how Wisteria looks over Colonial Blue with lots of wear thru.


Greenish Before-After Picture Frames make great projects to play with the various textured basecoats to create that look of a 100 year old antique.


Counter-top Painting using Wisteria and Colonial Blue


Counter-top painting using Wisteria, flecked, and sealed.

These paints can be combined in special ways to create wonderful Faux Granite counter tops along with unique designs of your very own. We also created dozens of paint samples depicting not only the various paint colors but a few of the techniques used to achieve the colors. These sample boards are on display in the Back Porch area of the shop, which is now our new Caromal Colours display area and workshop room.


Tool Tote Progression
Tool Tote painted and distressed

This tool tote was Barbara’s first project using the Textured Basecoats and the distressing technique. She first started out with a plain Oak tool tote and she painted it Hazelnut applying lots of texture. She then blotched it with some Paprika. Finally, the last coat is Peppercorn which was distressed in all the right places which allows some of the Hazelnut and Paprika to show thru. However, it is not as easy as just described. This look and technique is one that everybody wants to learn so it will be our first workshop. Sign up now so you can be notified when the workshops occur. We will have multiple dates and times so as to accommodate all your busy schedules.

It Doesn’t stop there…

There are several other products that blend well into this Decorative Painting arena. We plan to dive into these even further than we have already and will show you how to use these products in your own home. Imaging plastering a whole wall in your living room and making it look like a room from Thomas Jefferson’s home. Or applying a glaze to your walls to make it appear 100 years old. We will show you exactly how to do all these time honored techniques. How about stenciling either as artwork or as home decor. We will also show you gilding, using gold, silver, or copper leaf. We have done some decoupage work coupled with our Textured Basecoat paints to create tasteful wall art such as these:

Decoupage Projects
Decoupage Projects


We have created dozens of samples using all the Textured Basecoats, Reclaim, and the Botanicles. However the combination of colors and techniques are endless. We will continue to play with these and create more samples so when you do come in and look these over, you might find a color sample you like and would want on your kitchen cabinets, that piece of furniture, countertop, or walls.

Sample Boards
Paint samples for Textured Basecoats and Reclaim
favorite samples
Some of my favorite color combinations

We are currently planning our workshops that will show you how to use these products in your own home. The Side Porch of our shop at 7643 Jay Street, Pultneyville, NY is being converted over into our workshop where John will train people on various methods of decorative painting. For more information on these paints and our workshops, go to our caromal colours workshop  page.
Shortly we will be holding workshops to teach you in a hands-on environment exactly all that you can achieve using these great new products. All you need to do is to sign up to get on our mailing list and we will email you whenever we offer a workshop. If a scheduled workshop appeals to you and you are available then you can sign up for that individual workshop. We encourage you to get on our general mailing list so we can keep you aware of our activities as we plan them.

We now have all the Country Living Artisan’s Collection Textured Basecoat paints in stock as well as all the RECLAIM Beyond Paint colors on the shelves in the shop for sale. You are welcome to try it out on your own, experiment with it, or if you are already familiar with it just go to town. The Botanicles will be here next week.

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