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Contest Prizes Given Away

Our first day of the Retirement Sale was beyond anything we could have imagined. We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate all you went through for us. We are flabbergasted. Words cannot describe it.

Huge Crowds

Even with the large crowds, long lines, and long hours behind the cash registers the opening day of the sale, we still have 85% of our inventory left!
We anticipate it will take several more weeks to sell it all. Everything is priced to sell with reductions up to 50% off on many items. Over the next few weeks, we will be holding special events to encourage people to come back in and purchase more. If you have signed up at the Prize Desk, you will be receiving emails announcing these events. I will also announce them on this Blog as well as on Facebook, so subscribe to this blog so you do not miss out. These events are designed to give away tons of points towards our $2000 worth of prizes.

Free Prizes

Top point winner will get their choice of our prizes, 2nd place gets second choice, and on down the line. So everyone who is in the top gets a chance at any of these prizes. These are the prizes:

  • We have a 55″ Ultra High Definition Samsung TV – $600 value
  • Pamper Me Now Basket includes $125 gift card at Scott Miller Salon) – $200 value
  • Kitchen Aide Mixer – $300 value
  • Keurig HOT Coffee Maker with Coffee -$150 value
  • Amazon Echo – $179¬†value
  • BlueTooth Wireless Outdoor Speaker – $99 Value
  • Samsung 8″ Tablet – $149 value
  • Pyle Robot Vacuum/Sweeper – $95 value

So we encourage you to keep coming out and build up your point total towards these FABULOUS PRIZES!