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Options for a Holiday Centerpiece

As the time draws near to the Holiday season, your mind naturally turns to decorating your home. Much of our attention often falls on the dining room table, as this is where we are drawn to when guests come over. So it only makes sense to try to make your table as appealing as possible. One way of achieving this is with centerpieces. You can purchase centerpieces already made up or you can attempt to make one yourself. At the Good Old Days, you have many options for a Holiday centerpiece. We have many types of containers to start with including wooden bowls, pewter trays, wooden trays, baskets, etc… Plus, we carry an assortment of various decorative wreaths, picks, etc.. to start as a base. Then to build on that, you might consider one of our Luminary candles as the center of attention or perhaps some battery operated lights. There are so many options you have when you shop the store and look around for these items. I urge you to take our virtual tour either by looking at the photos or by looking at our videos. This will give you inspiration as well options for a Holiday centerpiece.
If you decide to build one yourself, there are a multitude of decorative items you can add to it from fresh cuttings of the trees and bushes in your yard to fresh flowers to artificial items. read more