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Make Your Own Curtains

Tobacco Cloth Panel

Make your own Curtains

We have made our own Curtains both in the shop and at home with much success. Although this concept may be obvious to the experienced DIY’er, many of you may gain some insights on how to make your windows look better with this inexpensive treatment. You can use these type of napkins that we currently have in the shop, as well as towels, throws, or anything that fits your window dimensions. read more

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An Epoxy Repair to Furniture – Anybody can do this

Epoxy Repair

I have made hundreds of this epoxy repair to all types of furniture. I would like to share this technique with you so that you too can repair damage to your own furniture.

Shown here is some damage to a piece of furniture. What I have done is to insert a few wood screws. This is to provide something for the epoxy to bite onto and hold. It is always a good idea to insert metal into the repair somehow for strength and to provide a foothold for the epoxy. read more