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Black Friday at the Good Old Days

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Black Friday at the Good Old Days will get you 30% off your purchase of anything Fall related. Also sign up to be included in a $100 gift basket drawing. These are just a couple reasons why you might want to consider the Good Old Days for Black Friday.

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Black Friday

Of course, the Big Box stores will be having some fantastic deals, opening at midnight for you, and much much more. You and a thousand other people can get there early for that special Star Wars thingy and hope they don’t sell out after you waited in line for 4 hours in the cold. Is that the experience you want? I can guarantee you will not experience that at the Good Old Days. So why drive 25 miles east of Rochester to the Good Old Days on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday? so you can spend a few hours in a relaxing atmosphere listening to soothing music and filling your nostrils with the best fragrances that candles can provide.

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Thanksgiving Turkey

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is a good time to pick up some great Fall Decor for the table or some folkart and great gifts for your friends or relatives. At 30% OFF, you cant go wrong getting a great deal on anything Fall related which includes turkeys, pumpkins, garlands, table mats, table squares, and so much more.

What else will you find while strolling through the shop memorized by all the unique displays so expertly designed. Our Country Decor and Primitive Home accessories are what everybody is looking for these days. Just check out this video and see for yourself. The recent publications of Primitive Place and Mercantile Gatherings look like they have been photographed right within the walls of our shop. Our country chandeliers, or farm tables, or cannonball beds should impress you. Perhaps your looking for some special bedding. We have the latest designs by Family Heirloom Weavers to help you make your decision. No matter what your looking for on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, you will have a better time doing it with no pressure, relaxing shopping right here at the Good Old Days Country Shop.

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Thanksgiving Pilgrims

To wrap up, you may want to consider spending a quiet day in the country at the Good Old Days Country Shop and get away from the noise, the parking issues, and all the chaos and simply enjoy your experience on Black Friday where you will get 30% off on all Fall related items. You may also enter yourself in our $100 gift basket drawing where the winner will be drawn Sunday, Nov 30th. In addition, you may want to consider shopping with us on Small Business Saturday which is how you help support the small businesses across America. Whatever you decide to do, all of us at the Good Old Days hope you have a very Safe and Great Thanksgiving!