Primitive Fireplace Mantles
Updated 4/1/15

As of last Fall, we have been unable to purchase the inserts we use in our mantles. Until further notice, we will NO LONGER BE PROVIDING THESE MANTLES.

We have been making and selling these mantles for about 4 years now to fill a niche for a primitive, yet well made mantles to house the Heat Surge electric fireplace insert. We first bought a Heat Surge Fireplace for our home and liked it's performance so much we bought a 2nd one for our bedroom. When we are home, we turn the unit on and it keeps us comfortable all day or night. However the look and feel of these fireplaces did not go with our decor so we built a mantle that fits in with our primitive furnishings. We thought that our primitive loving customers would enjoy the same comforts and money savings as we do, so we now build these to order in the color of your choice. We have done well with the primitive colors and we use the same paint techniques that we use on our other furniture. Take a peek at some of the photos of the mantles that some of our customers have purchased to get an idea of what color(s) would work well in your country or primitive home. Just recently we have built a 2nd version with a completely different look. Please let us know how you feel about our prototype design.
The Heat Surge insert I use with these mantles comes with the standard 30 day warrantee. If you want more, it will cost a few bucks more but I have never purchased one myself. The units also some with a remote control that will adjust the brightness of the flame, turn the unit on or off, and turn it from low to high or vise versa. All inserts have a thermostat control so you can set it for the temperature you are comfortable at. These inserts have 2 settings, low and high. The low setting produces 2300 BTU's of heat at 750 watts. Using an advanced technology heater, this heater can heat an average size bedroom for only about 9 cents and hour at this setting. If you switch to the high setting, it will heat a 350 sq. ft room easily. This pumps out 4600 BTU's at 1500 watts at about 16 cents an hour. The fireless flame technology produces a VERY realistic "flame" but without the dirt, soot, and dangers of a real fireplace. The newest models also come with a device that makes noise similar to the crackling of a fire. This can be adjusted up and down.
If you happen to have zone heating, you can turn off the zone that this fireplace is installed in. If not, this fireplace will augment your central heating system. In our home, which is a 19th century poorly insulated home with old windows, this fireplace keeps us very comfortable. When the conditions outside aren't too bad, we rely on these 2 fireplaces and save a lot on our heating bills.
Take a look at the photos below (click on any photo to enlarge) and please contact us if you would like any more information on these mantles.

This is our Black over Mustard Mantle.

This mantle is painted mustard over red. Note, we have several shades of mustard.

This is one of our newer Mustards. It is kind of greenish.

This is Mustard over black - very popular

This is a very cool red over black.

Showing the mantle before paint. All of our mantles are made of pine.

Here is one shown in just stain. One of the main reasons we make these mantles is to offer you a PRIMITIVE option. If you are interested in just a plain Jane version, we would refer you to the Heat Surge company where you can buy the mantle in oak or cherry stained plywood.

Now we're talking. Here is a close-up of the red paint on some of the trim we use on the mantles.

Here we have another Black mantle over stain.

This is the mantle in our home which has a very custom grubby hard to explain paint color.

This is our new Prototype form we are trying out. There is considerable more lumber in this mantle so the price of this fireplace is $649. This measures approximately 54" wide x 45" tall x 14" deep

The prototype has been developed into our latest "Deluxe" version mantle with the latest and greatest insert from Heat n Glow. The hearth is an option for $125. This is shown in black over mustard but can be ordered in nay colors to match your decor. Black is quite neutral.

We build these custom order mantles which includes the Heat Surge electric fireplace insert for $599 (standard mantle). The dimensions are 47" wide x 13" deep x 39" tall. These are the dimensions of the top. The delux primitive style with the 2 tombstone doors is $649. The cord is 6' long and can come out of the cutout on the bottom of either side. Please allow a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks. If you require shipping, please make all arrangements. We accept checks, money orders, or cash only. Please e-mail John for further information or to place an order.