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5' farm table with breadboard ends shown with a more delicate farm leg in mustard over black.

A typical top having the final touches being added

5' standard farm table with 3 board top and breadboard ends.

A typical farm table made for the shop. They don't last very long when displayed like this.

7' pine top on hepplewhite base in black over red.

A close-up of one of our benches which pair well with the tables. This particular bench was made with new wood but made to look old.

7' white pine (new wood) on our standard base. Solid top has lacquer finish.

Our breadboard ends are assembled to LAST! The tenons are slotted so they may move with variations in humidity. Without this added feature, the tops may crack and split.

Standard 6' farm table with basic farm table leg. Super nice old top in a wax finish.. Painted in red over black.

Our museum quality finish comes standard on all tables unless otherwise specified

Our very best "Hallmark" replica of an 18th century tilt top table. Finished in salmon milk paint.

Another view of this fantastic tilt-top.

7' farm table with stretcher base shown in black over red.

We offer as an option, company boards that slide in to the end of the table. This adds more seating room when "company" comes

6' solid cherry top with breadboard ends on a stretcher style base using William & Mary legs.

I really DO make all the tables myself....

6' Solid pine (new wood) farm table on stretcher base with bench to match

Adding color in layers helps me achieve the desired effect on this tabletop.

Very primitive 4 board top (6') on traditional farm table base in black over red

This is the completed farm table after adjusting color as shown above. This particular table is made from new pine boards, glued together, and distressed slightly to appear aged.

Primitive 5' round farm table with hepplewhite legs in salmon over blue milk paint.

Very authentic looking milk paint on this table leg.

7' solid oak top on a maple base with hepplewhite legs in black over green.

Close-up of the oak finish. The pores are colored differently from the rest of the wood so it will stand out more.

This 6' x 3' table is comprised of an extremely distressed and primitive 4 board top. This is one of the few tables we have produced with a stained base that matches the top.

This table was made from an old work table top I purchased several years ago. Once I cleaned it up I found that it was made of birch and that it had oak trim along the sides. I fashioned a base from some vintage old boards I had along with some early, solid 4 x 4 timbers for the legs.

I found these old threshing floor boards that were just screaming to be made into a table. The boards are 16" wide and full of character. I finished the top with a hand rubbed varnish. The base is my standard farm table base painted in black over red.

This Trestle table is one of my latest designs. The top is made of 150 year old hemlock from an old threshing barn located in Southern NY State. The whole table is stained and finished with Briwax. This form was the first table I ever made, 33 years ago.

Here we have another 4' sawbuck with a 2 board 30" wide top. Slightly different base configuration. The earliest sawbuck tables had the crossbraces even lower, but for today's comfort levels this might interfere with one's legs so I selected an appropriate tradeoff.

This sawbuck table has a solid, 1 board top measuring 21". All components are made from 125 year old white pine. Base is painted in slate milk paint while the top is simply oiled and waxed.
This design can be applied to larger tables as well.

9 1/2' Farm table using century old threshing barn recycled lumber for the top. Finished in Waterlox. The base is a 6 leg maple standard farm table base painted in flat black over walnut stain. This table easily seats 10. The chairs are Lawrence Crouse Fan-back side chairs purchased from us here at the Good Old Days.

Another rendition of our Sawbuck table. This 2 board top has only a wax finish. The base has trough that can be used to display your bowls or anything else. Painted in our museum quality black finish over stain, this has achieved the "look" our customers are after.

Solid Cherry 7' table with breadboard ends on solid cherry base. Shown with hepplewhite legs.

Close-up of the detail on the cherry apron and leg. Notice the cherry pegs and the beading.

2 board white pine top with breadboard ends. Maple base with standard farm table legs. Top measures 7' x 38". The whole table is stained a honey pine.

Same table but with the Company Boards attached. Company boards allow for extra seating (4) and they can be stowed away when you don't need the extra space.

Cherry table top on Hepplewhite base. Made to accommodate one company board which adds seating capacity for 2 more. This table is 7' long x 38" wide. The 4 boards for the top were selected for uniform color and grain. The ends are completed with breadboard ends, mortise/tenon jointed, and pinned with floating pins to allow the boards to expand and contract within the breadboard end. The table top was finished with boiled linseed oil and then 5 coats of hand applied varnish. The varnish was rubbed on with cotton rag which achieves a smooth, brushstroke free surface. The base was stained with minwax provincial stain, and painted with 3 coats of flat black paint using our private technique to achieve a museum quality surface and texture. The final product is this heirloom cherry farm table to last for generations.

Our Hallmark table with all the bells and whistles. This one is 7' long x 38" wide, breadboard ends, 2 full length dovetailed drawers.

Here is the hallmark table tilted up. Can be used for seating if needed or to stow away near a wall.
This table sells for $2399.

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