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Heirloom Textiles

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Heirloom Textiles

Our Heirloom Textiles are made here in the USA on looms in the same manner as they were hundreds of years ago. Many of the patterns we have today were reproduced from materials found centuries ago. Our heirloom textiles are made from cotton or cotton and acrylic blends. We have stunning patterns and colors in several categories. We invite you to browse thru our array of products. Everything you see is IN HOUSE and ready to ship. We do not have to order these for you or wait for them to be made. We actually either go to the manufacturer to pick them up or we get them from various wholesale shows around the country. [caption id="attachment_3147" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Heirloom Textiles Heirloom Textiles[/caption] Select the various categories to see all the colors available for that product!  


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Reproduction tradesigns for sale, made exactly like the original, using old materials. Each sign may differ slightly from the one pictured, as these are made to order, by hand.

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